Five things you should know before deciding to marry

Deciding to get married is one of the most important things in your life, and you should pay a lot of attention to this decision. Of course, you love your partner and they love you, but is this all that matters? Unfortunately, it’s not. These are the main five things that you should know before you take this step:

  1. Love is not enough. We like to think so, but in real life other things are more important. You have to love your partner, you have to respect them, you have to treat them as your equal and you have to be ready to grow together. If you feel all this and love as well, you can do this step without any concerns!
  2. You have to admit when you are wrong. Many people destroy their relationships because they won’t admit when they are wrong. In a marriage, you can’t only think about yourself. You have to accept and correct your mistakes. If you are not ready to take this responsibility, you are not ready to get married.
  3. There’s no such thing as “me”. When you take a decision, you think about your family, not just about yourself. Your partner will be affected by everything you do and the other way around. Every decision should be made together.
  4. You can choose your friends, but not your family. To be more specific, not the family of your spouse. You might not like your partner’s family, but there’s nothing much that you can do about it. You will have to live with them, be with them in every holiday, and sing songs for their birthday. You’ll have to do it willingly and with love in your heart. This is not always easy to do.
  5. Marriage might not be forever. You don’t want to hear this now, but you have to take this aspect into consideration. Make sure you plan together what you each will do if something happens to the marriage or if one of you should die. Be prepared and know what your partner wants for you and vice versa.

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