Choosing to Doing good

If every man chooses to ‘do good’, the world would be a much better place to live in. Doing well is just not an instinct; it should be considered a consorted mode of behavior that has to arise forcibly. For some it may be a natural instinct but if your mind works at telling you that your behavior will be directed towards the ’good ‘only and that you will not entertain any thoughts  that go against the mode of good feeling, then you can be termed as a  productive and responsible member of the society. 

Good actions bring a positive flow of energy. The astounding outfall of positivity directly affects those around you. It creates a good feeling for others that is recharged with a feel good factor permeating to the recipient or the benefactor of your good action. One cannot oppose good behavior; the strength is so dominating that it mars the negative deeds of others. Bad thoughts and impressions meant to malign and create terror can be weakened with peace, love, acceptance and pardon. 

Most bad actions stem from insecurity. A repelling force that defies ‘goodness’, can effectively be oppressed by warm acceptance. Most literary works from Les Miserable, to Great Expectations to present day fictional tales often reestablish the strength of good character over vengeance, greed avarice and hatred. Religious preaching and actions of great men, glorify the power of well-being, good actions, strength and positivity of forgiveness. Yes, to accept and forgive will open the windows of the mind and allow good behavior to prosper.  Indeed our own actions are directly indicative in building a strong and fruitful society. 


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