Don’t make excuses

We are wise and complicated. In many cases, these are good things that we should use. But, because we are complicated, we can make things harder than they really are. One of the worst things you do is making excuses. Sometimes, they are useful. For example, when you don’t want to do something for a friend or a family member, but you don’t or can tell him the truth. But we make excuses that affect on us. 

The explanation why we make excuses is simple. We are afraid of something. Maybe this is related to our work, relationship or even some minor things. We believe that we will fail and that the consequences will be serious. Actually, these are just common mistakes. Why you think that you will fail? You have 50-50 chances to succeed or fail. People play roulette with worse odds to gain money. This is the difference between optimism and pessimism.

Excuses act on us on a very interesting way. We believe that it isn’t our fault and that we are not making a mistake. The truth is completely different. When you make an excuse, related to anything, this is your mistake. In essence, you are trying to sabotage yourself. People who don’t overthinks usually don’t make excuses. They want something and they go towards that goal. 

If you are still making excuses, all the time, stop. This isn’t a good thing. This is something you must eliminate. As always, in order to convince yourself in something, you need a proof. Simply try life without excuses. You will see how different it is. It is better in any way.


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