Philanthropy: Another word for do good

Do good in flowery language is often termed as philanthropy. It evolved from the Greek phrase ‘philanthropos tropos’. The literal translation of the phrase is ‘humanity loving’. It essentially means a sense to care, nourish develop and enhance humane qualities on both the parts of benefactors and beneficiaries. Technically, benefactors are those persons who exercise the practice of giving or volunteering. The beneficiaries are those who are in dire need of help and receiving counterparts of the benefactors. Philanthropy is an important part of society since times immemorial.
The conventional meaning of philanthropy that is continuing in this modern age is initiative on a personal level for doing some good to the masses in general. The focus is to ensure that the average quality of life is enhanced. Philanthropy forms the essence of goodness in this war-torn and terrorism infested world. It forms an essential part of social sciences that has evolved since 20th century. The current nature of philanthropy includes initiatives from both private and government sectors. The private sector includes both the individuals and private corporations.
The concept of philanthropy often overlaps those of charity. Apparently, they seem to be same. However, their difference lies deep. While charity is associated with relieving consequences caused by various social issues, philanthropy aims to uproot the problems by providing a perpetual solution. For example, providing food to the hungry can be considered as charity. However, teaching the hungry to grow their own food will be in scope of philanthropy.


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