Programs Help Girls In Pittsburgh Area Find Pre-Owned Prom Dresses

Sherry Thornhill has just initiated a new program that will enable girls who are living in the Pittsburgh area to find a pre-owned prom dress.

According to Thornhill, she came up with the idea of this program after she did not have the means to purchase her prom dress and as a result she ended up borrowing one from a friend.

When speaking about the condition of the prom dresses and the opportunity that they bring with them, Thornhill, a wife to Rick Thornhill, a pastor at New Hope Community Church, said that, “A lot them still have tags on them, and it's just a blessing.”

“The girls get so happy because it's not $5, it's not $20, it's totally free.”

The program by Thornhill is just one of the many prom dress programs which have been initiated in the area. The aim of the program is to come to the aid of those girls who struggle when it comes to purchasing dresses for their prom by giving them free dresses to wear.

According to Eva Rosen, a Taylor Allderdice High School senior who is a co-president of Becca’s Closet, a prom dress recycling program which has chapters nationwide, “They're so expensive, and you wear them one time.

“It doesn't make sense for everyone to be spending hundreds of dollars on a dress.”

Rosen’s favorite part is usually when they start selecting gowns for each of the girls. In 2014, Rosen states that they had 30 girls who picked their favorite dress from more than 100 other dresses.

“We're all in high school, we can understand the desire to have this experience,” Rosen said.

“It's bigger than just going to prom, it's a special event in a teenager's life.”

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