The ‘do-good of nature conservation

Mother Nature has provided us with numerous resources at our disposal for a healthy lifestyle. However, we have brought it to the verge of destruction with our irresponsible acts. The current condition of our environment has been infested with various eroding effects like pollution, waste disposal, increase in carbon footprint, deforestation, endangering species of various living organisms and many more. Preservation of the environment would not only help to maintain the balance of nature but also would be providing our progeny a better future to live.

Conservation of environment is the ‘do-good’ that is required to be considered seriously not only on government and organizational levels, but also on individual level. The states and governments of various countries of the world have taken the concern of environment preservation very seriously so that they have introduced the topic as a part of academic curriculum in schools. This is done so that the lessons to conserve our mother nature are imbibed in the young minds, thereby helping them to become responsible individuals when they eventually grow up.

As of date, the masses have been well aware of the ill effects of environment destruction and they have geared up against it. They have been started to behave responsibly towards preserving environment. The advent of technology has also helped in environment conservation by reducing the carbon footprint. The various scientists from all over the world have been striving towards discovery of sustainable energy sources. They have succeeded largely but they have still a long way to go.



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