Can we consume sugar, bread, fat, eggs and potato if we want to stay healthy?

Almost every day we hear about different theories and facts about food and healthy life. It is hard to maintain a fit body and a healthy organism because we are living in a fast world where you don’t have too much time for anything.

But since this is a pretty complex subject we decided to do a little research and find out more about these foods (sugar, bread, eggs, potato and fat).
Eggs are bad for us, because they are full of fat – Well actually that’s not true. Even though eggs do have certain amount of cholesterol that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t consume it.
If you love to eat them, and you still want to stay fit and healthy, our suggestion is to eat them cooked and you will have no worries.

Carbohydrates make us fat, especially bread and potato – Again not true. Of course we will gain weight if we eat too much, but we shouldn’t blame potatoes or bread because we are fat.
It is important to let you know that whole grain bread is actually really healthy and we can say that it belongs to “good” carbohydrates, and potato is good because it contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, fibers and manganese. So you should definitely include it in your diet, just don’t eat it too much.

Margarine is full of unhealthy fat – Also not true. When it comes to your heart, margarine has an advantage over butter because it is made from vegetable oils and contains no cholesterol.
Vegetable fats are necessary for our organism, we just have to make sure not to over-consume them.


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