Conjunctivitis Is Spread By Unclean Hands, And Not By Seeing An Infected Eye

Pinkeye or conjunctivitis is a result of an infection of the eye by  a virus or bacteria. It can also be caused by allergies or some chemicals. Pinkeye is the situation where you develop a redness or soreness of the eye. The membrane covering the white part of the eye becomes red because of infection.

Pinkeye is not a very serious medical issue. But newborn babies that develop a pinkeye should be referred to a physician immediately or else it might lead to a loss of vision on the part of the baby.

In case of normal adults, the situation needs medical attention. The physician is likely to take a sample of the fluid emanating from the eye. This is the only way to determine the exact cause of conjunctivitis. This is the only way the physician can proceed with the proper treatment of the patient.

The most common cause of pinkeye or conjunctivitis is a contamination of the eye by a bacteria or virus transmitted through contact with an infectious object like hand or fingers. The best treatment is to soak a piece of clean cloth in warm water and dab it over your eyes for some time.

Formal treatment of a pinkeye caused by an infection of bacteria are done with an antibiotic. They can take the form of pills or eye drops. These drops must be applied as often as three to four times in a day for as much as a week. Those being treated with pills are quite likely to take these pills regularly for quite some time.


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