How to Take Care of the Rash Marks

We all must have experienced this once in the lifetime. As it is the rashes are annoying and when the leave behind the marks, they become all the more annoying. But don’t worry. The rash marks can be removed using some home remedies.

Ice can be very effective in removing the rash marks. Get an ice pack and apply it directly to the area which has the rash marks. Hold it on the area for at least 10 minutes. With the application of ice, the inflammation will get reduced and the rashes will begin to disappear.

You can also run some cold water over the area which has the rash marks. You can put the spot under the tap and open the cold water supply. However, if the rash mark is at the spot where it is not convenient to run the water over, you can simply take a cold water bath.

You can also use the warm water to remove the rash marks. Fill your bathtub or bucket with warm water and to it add about 3-4 cups of baking soda. Now soak the area with the rash marks in the warm water and soda mixture for about half an hour.

You can also apply the moisturizer to the affected area to get rid of the rash marks. Make sure that you rub the lotion properly so that it is absorbed by the skin pores. If you have a clinical lotion designed especially for the rash marks, it will be even better.

You can also apply some honey over the affected area for quick results.




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