Is Clean Eating Challenge Something You Should Try?

Before you begin with the clean eating, you must know what it is. It isn’t a diet, and you don’t have to count calories. You don’t have to cut off carbs as well. The goal of clean eating is to eat food that is closest ad possible to the natural form. This means that heavily refined, processed and handled food are not something you should eat. On the other side, you should eat whole foods.
If you decide to begin, you will have snacks and meals that you should eat in the two weeks. You will also get a calorie count. This information can be given to you by the Buzzfeed.  
Clean eating challenge is good for your budget. You can save money, but not at the beginning. You should expect that during the first week, you will spend $200. For the second week, you will spend $150. This isn’t very much, but many of us spend $50 for food in a week. Eventually, you will start saving money, because you will avoid restaurants and bars.
You will have to cook, a lot. This isn’t some serious task, because all meals used in the clean eating challenge are easy to make. But you will need time. This means that you won’t have time for running or anything else. Maybe it sounds easy, but cooking requires a lot of time. Because the same reason, your social life will suffer. Expect to refuse your dinner invitations a lot of time.
Buzzfeed's Clean Eating Challenge isn’t designed to help you lose weight, so don’t expect this. However, you will feel very good and you will have a lot of energy.




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