Fitness 101

In order to achieve something you must know and obey certain rules and advices. This applies to everything, so the same situation is with the gym. You cannot go, start exercising if you don’t know anything about it. Luckily, the rules for the gym are easy to follow. The most important thing at the beginning is to get the habit of strength training. There are many excuses and many reasons not to go to the gym this week, but you must find a time. In order to achieve your goal, you must go to the gym every week. After all, you don’t sacrifice anything, you just want to improve your body.

You must be patient. Training cannot make you a bodybuilder in just one month. You will need a lot of time, so don’t quit if you aren’t satisfied with the results after a month or two. You must be patient. Also, you cannot lift light weight every day and expect some progress. You can do many repetitions and even more sets, but there shall be no progress. You must lift challenging weights. Beside they are good for your bone health and pain managements, they are good as stress relief. Even more important is, you will see the real progress.

You will have to start with bodyweight movement. In order to have the best straight training, your body must be prepared. In order to achieve this, you will have to learn the basic biomechanics before you start with weighted movements. Maybe you think that it isn’t important, but this is a very important rule. During your whole training, you must be focused on your goal. Only then you can reach it. 


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