Health products that you shouldn’t buy online

Because the internet is so spread, you can buy anything you need online. It will be delivered to your home address, so there is no need to go out at all. While this is good for gadgets and some other stuff, ordering health products online should be avoided. There are many frauds and some of those products can even be responsible for certain health issues.

  • Because many people have a few pounds more, weight loss supplements are highly used. You should know that during testing, the FDA discovered that many of them have unsafe and hidden ingredients. This means that many of those supplements aren’t FDA approved. In many cases, those supplements contain lot of caffeine, which isn’t good. The best way would be to avoid weight loss supplements, especially those you can order online.
  • Breast milk shouldn’t be ordered online in any way. Those products may contain bacteria, germs and even viruses. About 10% of them are topped off with cow’s milk. Also, many of those products aren’t stored properly.
  • You should avoid ordering prescription medications online. There are many websites that offer you cheap medications without prescription. Some of those websites will even provide you a ‘’cyber doc.’’ You shouldn’t trust them and avoid any advice they will offer to you. Some of those medications may even contain harmful ingredients. Recently FDA tested a flu-stopping medication, Tamiflu. They discovered that it wasn’t Tamiflu at all. It was a combination of acetaminophen and talc.
  • Buying hormone products should be avoided as well. Many women want to buy hormone replacement medications, but they are ineffective and some aren’t even safe.


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