Home Remedies For Insomnia

Home remedies for insomnia Sleep good at night is crucial for the proper functioning of the body during the day. It is therefore very important to follow some basic steps for us to enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep  .There are lots of home remedies for insomnia which provide a great result to cure this problem.
The following tips mat be useful as the best home remedy for insomnia-
•    A cup of herbal tea at night also has a calming effect on the nervous system. Caffeine causes restlessness and sleep disorders. Avoid intake of excessive tea.
•     Taking a healthy balanced diet is essential to give nourishment to your nervous system. Avoid junk and processed food.
•    An integral part of treatment for insomnia is that you  manage our hectic lifestyle in such a way that due importance is given to relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, exercises, rejuvenation tours with family and friends, watching TV programmes of your choice and morning or evening walk.
•    Herbal aromatherapy bath is also known to be helpful for treatment of insomnia. It can be used with aromatic infusions and essential oils. Warm water releases the natural aromatic properties of the herbs; this lovely and soothing effect stimulates the nervous system, brain and bloodstream and relaxes the body and soul. This is one of the great tips for insomnia as well as best home remedy for insomnia.

So follow this rule and lead a healthy life.




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