Personal satisfaction

Personal satisfaction can be linked to our instinct. When humans lived in forest and caves (several millenniums ago) we wanted to eat, drink water and that was all that should make us happy. Today, we are much more sophisticated. This means we want and we need many more in order to be satisfied. But still, personal satisfaction is needed and probably the most important thing is our life. 

Personal satisfaction is a mixture of motivation, happiness, inspiration and desire. If you don’t have just one of these, you cannot be satisfied. Because it is so important for us, we must do anything we can in order to get our satisfaction. The problem is when you want something that somebody already has or something that your parents of spouse hate. You must have that, but you cannot have it. Many people simply give up. You, must do the opposite. Fight for the thing you want and you need. By doing this, your parents, husband/wife and friends will appreciate you more.

Personal satisfaction affects on your life in general. But it also affects on how other people treat you. If you are strong and satisfied individual, people will notice your strength. Also, you will be happier. And we know that a person is happy he/she can do anything with a smile on a face. Today, this is even more important than before. Due to stress and too many problems, people forget on their happiness. Don’t be like this. You can success and you can be happy. All you need to do is to try and try harder.



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