What can you do to avoid or diminish SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)?

When winter makes you feel blue, depressed, and a little gloomy, it might be something more than just the weather. If every year during winter, you find you are feeling grim again, you are probably suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  

SAD is a real form of depression that is influenced by external factors like temperature and exposure to natural light, which can influence the production of melanin.  The condition also depends on the hormonal state of the person. 

It is hard to tell if a person is suffering from SAD.  It takes a doctor to diagnose this condition. Since the symptoms are very similar to those of depression, it might be misdiagnosed.  Fortunately, there are ways to fight seasonal affective disorder.


When you are depressed, the best thing you feel like doing is hibernate under blankets until spring comes. Resist the temptation and get it on with some exercise.  At brisk walk will do wonders to your heart, body, and mood. Regular exercise can reduce symptoms of depression.  There is no way of being sad while going out to warm up the blood amidst the white of winter. 

Go For a Hike

Not only will you benefit from being outside in the open, but the light will also help you. Go outside into fresh air at least two hours after waking up. 

Get a Light Box

Light therapy is prescribed by doctors to fight SAD.  The gloom of winter decreases the production serotonin, which is a mood regulator. Light therapy boxes come in different intensities.  Ask your physician which one is best for you before buying one. 

Talk it Out

This refers to cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps treat SAD as effectively as light therapy.  A combination of both is greatly effective too. 


Take Some Pills

Some doctors will prescribe some medication for you to control mood and energy. Antidepressants have the effect of doing this by increasing the levels of serotonin.  





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