Overcoming Jealousy is a Pathway to Happiness

It is not that simple when it comes to changing an emotion or behavior. It is awareness of the mind that plays key role in defining that the stories that you see in your head are not true. When your mind is clear, it does not play out these sequences any longer. Jealousy and anger are two emotions that can poison any relationship if they are not practiced in moderation. It may not be possible to entirely dissolve the anger and jealousy in you as it would mean changing the core belief system rife with insecurity. However, what you can do is overcome this emotion.

Understand what triggers the jealousy
To find a solution to any problem, the first thing to do is to look for the cause. You must consciously see what causes your mind to feel insecure and what triggers the reaction. Insecurity is a sign of low self esteem which needs to change if you want to fight the feeling of jealousy from the core. You need to have stronger belief in yourself.

Self judgment can amplify insecurity
It is not enough to just know that we have a problem. The intellectual thing to do is to act on it. It is time to stop criticizing ourselves that takes us hurtling down to that moment of insecurity. It is advisable to take ownership of our actions and responsibility of our emotions if we want to change them at some point.

Result Oriented Path
When we try to change our beliefs and emotional reactions from destructive behavior to that of a civil one, we can feel the change and the results are there for everyone to see. You can learn to shift your view point and be less rigid.

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