Motivational speaker - Tony Robbins

When it comes to motivational speakers, Tony Robbins is easily the most recognizable name in the field. He’s well known for his inspirational talks in front of large audiences and infomercials. Robbins has also written three best selling books: Unlimited Power, Unleash the Power Within and Awaken the Giant. The goal of his content is to help others better their lives through confidence and financial success.


Robbins’ story of success is relatable, as he experienced a difficult childhood. His parents divorced when he was young, he did not have a stable father figure, and his mother was addicted to drugs and alcohol. He was still successful in high school, and was even elected student body President. But when his mother attacked him with a weapon, he left home for good and did not go to college.


Robbins got his start in motivational speaking by promoting Jim Rohn’s seminars. He then began to teach the subject on his own, slowly growing a huge empire from 1983 into the present day. Moving beyond just the traditional mediums of television and books, his website has many services geared towards the immediacy of internet communication. Visitors can pick up Robbins’ products, view upcoming events, and even sign up for online coaching.


Some are skeptical of Robbins’ effectiveness, while others swear by his methods and say they’ve changed his life. If confidence is something you’re lacking, and traditional methods such as psychotherapy have not worked, his seminars may be worth exploring. 

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