Three Motivational Speakers, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy & Denis Waitley and What They Preach

The business and profession of motivational speaker has been one ever evolving within society. Today, the most influential positions within the archetype are with sports teams and in the genre of success, often paired with finance. While there are many differences in styles for motivational speakers, there are still elements of common ground between the stars.

Anthony (or Tony) Robbins is a motivational speaker and renowned personal finance guru and author. Tony focuses most of his motivational narratives on exposing what’s inside his listeners, the hidden power and beast within. Tony hits mainly in the genres of self-growth and finances trying to maximize listeners’ growth and futures.

Brian Tracy is a motivational speaker most known for his focus in one’s effectiveness and reaching the ever elusive concept of potential. Tracy makes regular stops and performances for business executives at the very top of the corporate food chain, as well as creation of many audio programs. Tracy focuses on a success and achievement narrative, especially pertaining to careers and businesses.

Denis Waitley is a well-known writer, consultant, and motivational speaker from California. Waitley tempers his extensive speaking career with heavy business and psychology experience. Waitley’s genre as well largely focuses on the psychology and process behind success and winning, a program with the goal to teach you how to best succeed in a competitive career environment.


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