What is Maslow’s Theory of Motivation?

Maslow’s theory of motivation is also known as the hierarchy of needs. It is used to motivate employees to work hard and efficiently to fulfil their needs and the requirements. Maslow’s theory of motivation has five stages. These stages are as follows:

  1. Physiological and biological needs

The physiological and biological needs are the basic needs of the employees. It includes the basic necessities like sleep, food, shelter, air, sex, warmth, and some others. All organisations are responsible to fulfil the basic needs of all their employees.

  1. Safety needs

The second type of need is safety. These needs include the security, theft, order, limits, protection, and stability. As the rank of the employees enhances, the facilities available to the employees also increases.

  1. Love and belongingness needs

It is the stage when the employees improve their belongingness. Most of the employees start their personal life with wife after they start getting some handsome salary so that they can fulfil the needs and requirements of their families.

  1. Self esteem

This is the stage when the employees work so hard to achieve some status, achieve goals, and enhance their reputation. The focus is on the short-term and long-term goals of each employee to get recognition.

  1. Self-actualization

It is the final stage of motivation of employees in which the employees work hard for personal growth. Employees know that it is the peak of their achievement and they start working for their own personal satisfaction.

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